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X10 and 901 to cease operating 23/10/17
We are sorry to announce that the X10 and 901 will be finishing, with the last day of operation being 23/10/17. We would like to thank all 4 of our regular passengers for travelling with us and extend our thanks to the much larger group who have contacted us asking to keep the service on. It is never nice for an operator to end a route, but we have tried everything- even keeping fares down at 1.00 hasn't attracted anough passengers.
X10 change from 16th November 2016
Following a number of requests we have decided for a trial period to divert our X10 into the village of Emberton. Additionally we will be operating the X10 on most bank holidays. Please see separate publicity for more details.
31 timetable change from 31st October 2016
Following public consultation our service 31 will revert back to its previous form of a 15 minute frequency between Northampton and Kings Heath. We thank those who tried our Sixfields and Kingsthorpe extension, but it has been made very clear that the vast majority of passengers preferred the old timetable.
NEW route X10, replacing 321 from 7th August 2016
Due to popular requests we have re-introduced a full Sunday service between Lavendon and Olney to Milton Keynes, instead of the once per month of the former 321.
CHANGED 31 from 8th August 2016
We are pleased to announce that from Monday 8th August service 31 will be extended off peak to Sixfields and Kingsthorpe. Services off peak will be reduced to 20 minutes to help us maintain punctuality whilst Northampton's 'temporary' traffic problems are resolved. Peak services remain at 15 minute frequency. The 2130 departure from North Gate is now removed.
Diesel prices- FARES STILL FROZEN 27th October 2016
Just over three months from the BREXIT independence vote, most people will be aware that the exchange rate has reduced against the U.S. Dollar. As diesel is traded in U.S. Dollars, it has had an effect on our diesel bill. However, whilst it is terribly fashionable for companies to increase prices and conveniently blame BREXIT, the diesel price increase is just a very small percentage of our overall operating costs and fixed overheads. Furthermore, every time fuel prices go up we see a slight increase in passenger loadings as people realise how expensive it is to operate a car. We cannot guarantee never to increase fares in the future- BREXIT or not- but we promise to only do so as a last resort.
Fare rise cancelled due to BREXIT bounce 1st August 2016
Despite prophecies of doom relating to diesel prices (priced in US Dollars), fuel prices haven't really changed and life is carrying on as normal. So we are pleased to say that the fare increase planned to coincide with the new routes have been cancelled, or at the very least have been postponed for now.