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1. Price
We want to bring you the best price fares possible and we will always make sure that our fares are cheaper than the average fares for our competitors for similar journeys. (Multi-operator tickets or other services/ tickets where we do not set the price ourselves are excluded).
2. Reliability
We aim for 99% of all journeys to operate within a tolerance of 1 minute early and 5 minutes late. The industry benchmark is a much lower 95%.
3. Evenings and bank holidays
Where we operate a commercial service (that is we operate it directly and not under contract to a council or other body) and that service is making a profit, we will ensure that we operate a comprehensive timetable including early mornings, late evenings, weekend and bank holiday Monday services; we wonít just operate the busy, profitable journeys and leave our passengers stuck for the rest of the time.
4. Vehicles
We will operate only low floor, easy access buses and pledge to invest a minimum of 10% of our annual turnover in renewing or improving our fleet.

We donít like standing passengers. Youíve paid your fare so should have a seat. Where a vehicle operates a service and more than 5% of its journeys have standing passengers, we will put on a larger bus as soon as possible.
5. Information
We know where our buses are at all times, and so should you. Therefore we have publically available live tracking of our buses.

Our telephone helpline will be open at all times whilst we have buses in service- that includes evenings, Sundayís and bank holidays too.

Changes to fares will be advertised at least one week before and changes to routes and times (unless due to un-foreseen emergencies, such as road closures) will be advertised at least two weeks before.

Our website will remain up to date, with accurate information.

Due to popular requests, we will publish our fares on our website, on our buses and at any bus stop where we are responsible for the display.
6. Contacting us
When you contact us, we will reply within the following time scales: - By letter, within 24 hours - By email, within 3 hours - By social media, within 3 hours If we cannot answer your question, comment or complaint straight away, we will acknowledge you within the above timescales and let you know when we can reply fully.
7. Guaranteed last bus
We guarantee that we will always run the last bus of the day, even if it is late. If we cannot operate the last bus then we will arrange alternative transport for you, free of charge.