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About our buses
Can I bring my bicycles aboard your buses?
Unfortunately our buses are not designed to carry bicycles safely, so it is not possible. However, small fold up bicycles may be brought on to the bus at the discretion of the driver.

Can I bring my dog aboard your bus?
Yes, dogs are welcomed on all our local buses (but not long distance or charter services- except guide dogs). However, we ask that you keep your dog off the seats. Dogs that are prescribed as 'dangerous' under the dangerous dogs act must be muzzled, and all dogs must remain on a lead at all times.

Can we bring food and drink on your buses?
Yes, but we ask you not to eat hot or greasy food whilst onboard.

How do does your live tracking system work?
Each bus has a GPS locator that sends a signal to our servers. You can view all our bus services* by following a link from this website or by scanning QR codes at bus stops and on timetables. The service is totally free (although it does have a small data usage, so you need to check with your data provider for any costs from them- but unless you use it a lot, it's going to be tiny).

Mobile ticketing. What is it, how does it work and is it safe?
Our mobile ticketing app has been developed by a specialist software company and is in use with many bus companies, large and small. It works very simply- follow the link- tell it your mobile number and email address, tell it what you want and enter your payment details. It's really good for children- parents can load up their online wallet and let their children buy the tickets as and when they need them.

Special assistance travel
Can I bring my wheelchair or mobility scooter aboard?
All our local buses are fully DDA compliant and have a space for one wheelchair. We can accommodate any catagory 1 wheelchair, either motorised or self propelled. We can also accommodate some catagory 2 mobility scooters, but we are unable to accommodate any catagory 3 mobility scooters. If you are unsure which catagory your wheelchair or scooter is, please contact us for details. We subscribe to the CPT permit scheme, whereby a permit is issued for compliant catagory 2 scooters and each operator will accept the permit issued by another operator in the scheme. We recommend that you check with our special assistance pages for further details before travelling.

If buggies or luggage is already in the designated wheelchair space, who has priority?
Signage on our buses makes it clear that wheelchair users, or other priority passengers (such as mobility impaired or those with guide dogs) have priority over the accessible seats. Other passengers are permitted to use this space, but must vacate it when required to make space for a priority passenger. However, if the bus is already full and existing passengers cannot be re-located elsewhere on the bus then we are unable to accommodate you.

How can I apply for a free bus pass due to disability or age? / How can I re-apply if I have lost my pass?
Applications for passes should be made to the local authority in the area that you live. If you have lost your pass, you should contact us as soon as possible in case we have managed to find your pass. Otherwise you must apply for a duplicate from your local authority; unfortunately to to regulations from local authorities, if you have lost your pass we are unable to offer you free transport until you receive your replacement pass, even if we know you normally have one.

How do I get a VAT receipt for my travel?
All our tickets will have their value printed on them. Public transport is zero rated for VAT. If you have purchased a ticket using our e-ticketing systems and you need a receipt, please contact our passenger services department who will happily arrange for one to be sent to you.