23rd November 2021
Yesterday, this company was briefly mentioned by BBC Look East as part of a programme it was producing about the regeneration of the bus industry. Unfortunately the reporter has edited in such a way that our Managing Director appears to have made a comment the likes of which haven't been heard since the last time Gerald Ratner spoke in public. Whether this was media mischief or a genuine failure on the part of the reporter, Sam Read and/ or his editorial team, we do not know. They made time to discuss companies that wanted to bleed the tax payer dry through subsidies and grants, but seemingly nothing for those companies that are trying to provide services and lifelines without any cost to the tax payer whatsoever.

Our statement: "For the first time in history, we have a PM that actually has an interest in buses, which is good. However no one in his government has stopped to ask what barriers we face that prevent us being a commercially dynamic, customer focused industry, such as you'd find with the big supermarket chains or low fares aviation sector. I think most people would agree that these two are prime examples of private enterprise working not only for shareholders, but for consumers and society generally. I think that's where the bus industry needs to look to and I'm not convinced about the subsidies and grants..." as spoken by our Managing Director, Derek S. Taylor, became:

"...Our industry needs to be reformed... it is too expensive..."

Our Managing Director went on to describe BBC Look East as "Given the way the BBC is funded, perhaps it is unsurprising that they would opt to disregard any comments that talk of reform, being dynamic or serving the community and instead focus on never-ending subsidies, grants and largesse at the tax payer's expense."

22nd November 2021
We are pleased to announce the commencement of four new routes, provisionally scheduled to start 31st January 2022:

- 92 Whittlebury to Towcester
- 440 Furzton to Milton Keynes
- 450 Woburn Sands to Milton Keynes
- 460 Stony Stratford to Milton Keynes

We are proud to announce that we have agreed to operate routes 92, 440, 450 and 460 from 31st January 2022. This follows on from our agreement to operate routes 86, 89 and 90 and added to our existing core route 31, which is now in its 15th year. We strongly believe in the commercial viability of bus services and as such we can confirm that we are operating this without subsidy or any other cost to the hard-pressed tax payer.

15th November 2021
Due to recent internal promotion and the agreement to start new routes early in 2022, we are now looking for a number of new drivers- to be based either in Milton Keynes or Northampton. Above all else, we believe our drivers are our number one asset and as such we are one of the best paying bus companies in the area, currently offering 14 p/h. We operate socially-friendly shift patterns over 5 days (with the possible option of a 4 day week with slightly longer shifts), route times that are comfortable and achievable in a bus (badly timed routes lead to tired drivers, worn buses and upset passengers), and generally you will be treated as a valued professional member of our team- join the team where you have a name and not just a number.

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15th November 2021
We are increasing our fleet size and now we are looking for an evening cleaner to work between 2 and 4 hours per evening. This position is based at our Northampton (Kingsthorpe) depot. We are offering 9.50 p/h, 28 days paid holiday and free travel on our buses.

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